Our coverage of the 2009 World Outgames in Copenhagen, July 25-Aug. 1:

medalinflation150front Aug. 5, 2009
Time to end gay sports medal inflation
HTML clipboard Medal inflation, or awarding a gold, silver or a bronze medal just for showing up devalues sport and real accomplishment. A proposal to fix it at gay sporting events. Story

Aug. 2, 2009
The future of the World Outgames is cloudy
Now that the second World Outgames have ended in Copenhagen, the question of will there be a third is still unanswered. Story


July 31, 2009
Report from the pool: Swimming and water polo
Among the hottest items at the pool were the Denmark swimsuits that had lots of people talking.


July 30, 2009
Soccer players strip and score
Members of the Pan Denmark soccer team decided to get down and show their support for an underwear sponsor by stripping on the field. And we were there.

deansittingfront July 29, 2009
‘There was blood.” Athlete describes bomb attack
Dean Koga of Seattle describes what happened when he was struck by shrapnel from a bomb tossed at the World Outgames track and field competition. Story
bombings150inside July 28, 2009
Athlete injured in bombing
A member of the Seattle Frontrunners was injured from shrapnel when an explosive device was thrown onto the track during competition at the World Outgames in Copenhagen. Story
swim150inside July 27, 2009
Athletes feel the pinch; swimming opens
The recession has taken its toll on the Outgames and no country is as affected as Iceland, whose athletes have resorted to aggressive fund-raising. Also, gays in straight leagues in Denmark, a hot tattoo, plus other notes. In photos, the first day of swimming.


July 26, 2009
Colorful opening, colorful athletes
The Opening Ceremonies of the 2009 Outgames were dazzling, even with the rain. One the first day of competition, the color was provided by two Thai beach volleyball players in colorful matching skirts. On a disturbing note, three gay men were attacked after the ceremonies.


July 20, 2009
Coverage starts this weekend
The Second World Outgames kick off this Saturday in Copenhagen, Denmark, this Saturday, July 25.

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