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Stephon Marbury paints his toenails, isn't gay

Stephon Marbury is the gift that keeps on giving. He's back on YouTube with a crazy (yep, I said crazy, Stephon) little spot about his sexuality and his toenails.

They said I'm gay? Ask your girl how gay I am. Yes I got my toenails painted. You wanna see? Check ‘em out. Lemme show you. Take a picture. Archive. Here we go. Here we go. Check ‘em out. You see ‘em? And I'm gonna get ‘em done over. I'm gonna get another color. I ain't gonna get red. I ain't gonna do my favorite color. Ask your girl how gay I am. She'll tell you.

Well that clears up everything.

Video after the jump.

Hat tip to Towleroad.