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Mayweather has gay panic on Chelsea Lately

Floyd Mayweather Jr. visited Chelsea Lately to promote his upcoming fight and return to boxing. During the interview, Mayweather twice steered the conversation inexplicably toward his personal homophobia. The first time came when Chelsea told Mayweather to get comfy and put one of his legs on the chair (you gotta see the video to understand what I'm talking about):

Mayweather: If I do that then they gonna think I'm heeey [flip of the wrist]. That ain't my style.
Chelsea: I don' think anybody thinks that about you.
Mayweather: Oh, OK.
Chelsea: You talk a lot of trash before you fight somebody, right? You like to didn't like Oscar de la Hoya at all.
Mayweather: Well, um, you wouldn't like a man who wears fishnets.
Chelsea: I don't like men who wear fishnets, unless they're gay and they're out of the closet. Then I can support that.
Mayweather: OK, he hidin'.

Then, when Chelsea asked him a question about Eddie Murphy making an appearance on Mayweather's HBO show, this exchange popped up:

Mayweather: Eddie Murphy does some great movies.
Chelsea: Are you good friends with him?
Mayweather: Not good friends with him. We cool. I see him at the NBA Championship game. I see him every now and then. And we speak. Cool guy.
Chelsea: But you're not good friends with him?
Mayweather: Not friends like that. I mean, he made good movies.
Chelsea: I got the movie part.
Mayweather: Why you gotta say that?
Chelsea: Nobody thinks you're sleeping with Eddie Murphy.
Mayweather: OK, gotta stay clear.

Chelsea wasn't questioning Mayweather's sexual orientation or masculinity in either case, but Mayweather obviously felt he had to go there. The second time was really strange. I got the feeling that Mayweather thinks Murphy is gay, so he had to try to distance himself from he comedian. I may be reading that wrong, but that's what I got.

Hat tip to Austin.