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Ravens linebacker supports gay marriage

I don't know how we missed this one, but thanks to Ted Rybka at GLAAD for pointing it out, via the Baltimore Sun! This past April, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendan Ayanbadejo (he of the nipple ring) wrote an op-ed piece at the Huffington Post in support of same-sex marriage:

If Britney Spears can party it up in Vegas with one of her boys and go get married on a whim and annul her marriage the next day, why can't a loving same sex couple tie the knot? How could our society grant more rights to a heterosexual one night stand wedding in Vegas than a gay couple that has been together for 3, 5, 10 years of true love? The divorce rate in America is currently 50%. I am willing to bet that same sex marriages have a higher success rate than heterosexual marriages.

Ayanbadejo does get one fact wrong. He says Presidential candidate Obama didn't take sides on gay marriage: He did and was firmly against it. Still, to see an elite American athlete take this kind of stand will lead me to cheer for the Ravens this season!