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Cyd's NFL Week 3 picks

Last year I picked NFL games against the spread on the Michael Irvin Show on ESPN Radio. This year, I'm going up against Michael, former Cowboy Nate Newton and Michael's co-host and dear friend of mine, Kevin Kiley. We'll be picking around 10 games per week, and I already have the lead after two weeks. For Week 3 (my picks in bold):

Washington Redskins at Detroit Lions
Too many people picking the Lions change the vibe of this game. I see big things for the suffering Redskins offense.

Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles have their back-up quarterback starting, but the Chiefs also have a back-up QB starting: The New England Patriots'.

New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
If the Bucs aren't the worst team in football, they're in the bottom five. The Giants' injuries (and there are a lot of them) make this one tough to pick.

Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks
Seneca Wallace is 5-7 as a starter. I like the Bears to keep pressure on him and stuff Seattle's run game.

Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals
Tough game to pick Peyton Manning to lose, but visions of the Dolphins' bad receivers getting wide open on dig routes against the Colts' corners sticks in my head.

San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings allowed the Browns and Lions to get 4.0 yards per carry. Next week, everyone will be talking about San Francisco.

Tennessee Titans at New York Jets
Titans' backs are against the wall, facing a Jets team coming off a Super Bowl win ('cause that's what that was last week against New England). Jets handed Titans their fist loss last year; Time for Tennessee to return the favor.

Atlanta Falcons at New England Patriots
The Brady-Belichick combo is 11-1 after a loss since 2003. I don't think the Falcons' defense will be able to get pressure on Brady or keep Randy Moss quiet. We'll see what the Falcons are in their first road game of the season.

New Orleans Saints at Buffalo Bills
Lots was written about the Bills' resurgence this season. I don't buy it.

Season standings:
Cyd Zeigler, 18-4
Michael Irvin, 17-5
Nate Newton, 16-6
Kevin Kiley, 14-8