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TMZ soon to follow athletes

TMZ has announced it will launch a new sports-focused gossip blog following the travails of athletes the way it stalks Lindsay Lohan now. It's not a big surprise, given TMZ was wall-to-wall Tiger Woods for weeks around the holidays.

Some are wondering what effect this could have on closeted athletes. Right now, the sports media is in the pocket of the leagues and athletes: They don't want to rock the boat because they want to be buddies with LeBron James and the rest. But when you throw in some entertainment reporters with a camera who couldn't care less about buddying up to athletes, they just want the juiciest, dirtiest story they can find.

On the flip side, TMZ boss Harvey Levin is gay and might be a little sympathetic to closeted athletes.

But I've gotta believe that the arrival of TMZ will make our closeted gay athletes, particularly the ones in New York, L.A. and Miami, a little nervous.