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Hector Camacho to appear in Playgirl again

This week Playgirl revisited a 25-year-old photo spread of boxer Hector Camacho with a photo shoot of the 47-year-old that will appear in an up-coming issue of the magazine. Daniel Nardicio, who's a down-and-dirty gay club promoter in New York City, is's director of marketing:

Hector Camacho has everything our fans want. He's a sexy, strong man whose life has run the gamut from a tough ghetto upbringing to world-class athletic stardom. Between his sensational story and the secret tattoo on his most private of parts, this spread will have a lot of people talking about 'Macho' Camacho again.

I wonder if he knows how many gay men will be watching, too. Daniel certainly does....