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Saint Timothy Has A Bad Senior Bowl

It's been said "the spread offense is killing the quarterback position from the ground up." Nowhere was that more evident than seeing former Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow playing yesterday in the Senior Bowl. In a week where he had to answer reporters and protestors about his anti-abortion, um, "Celebration of the Family" advertisement, young Timothy's plate was full. He could hardly be bothered by a little thing called 'football.'

And boy, did it show. The North won the Senior Bowl 31-13 and Tebow's horrendous mechanics and lack of pro-style skills made for a terrible showing at the Senior Bowl where he was 8-12 with 50 yards passing and 2 fumbles, and the majority of those yards came on two jump passes, which if he dares to throw in the NFL... well, let's just say whoever plays him better get their kicker warmed up for the point-after attempt.

That isn't to say that Tebow was the only QB who had a bad day, basically all the QB's who played got their butts kicked by defensive players who were clearly better prepared for the pro-game than they were. Tebow, though, is the one on whom the spotlight is focused because, honestly, he put it there. The question is now, who will pick him up in the NFL draft, and what round does he go in?

Current projections are all over the place with this kid, Mel Kiper has him going in the 4th round as a running back. Others project him in the 2nd to 3rd round as a slot receiver/tight-end/Wildcat QB. And some have him going to Jacksonville as high as the 10th pick overall as a straight up starting QB. The combines are going to be interesting, but one thing Tim has got to do now is put this controversy behind him and focus on his game if he wants any chance of being successful at the next level.

But in the meantime.... a little schadenfreude is fun.