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'Gay' Peyton Manning wins MVP award

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning won a record fourth NFL MVP award in a landslide. When the news was posted on Pro Football Talk, there were the predictable comments praising Manning or decrying the choice.

But one comment had me both laughing and saying WTF for its sheer idiocy -- Manning was chosen because he's gay:

this is crap and not only that is there is a very good chance the NFL is rigging awards towards someone who might be a homosexual! and I sure as hell don't want a gay role model for my children, nothing wrong with gays but I sure as heck ain;t want no gay children running around my hood popping bones when taking snaps.......

Wow, I follow the Colts and even I didn't know Manning was on our team. I am sure this news will have Cyd rushing to jump on the Colts bandwagon.