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A runner comes out, then goes back in

For my money the strangest story we covered in our 10 years (and there were a few that qualify) was the 2002 story of University of Missouri runner and track coach Derrick Peterson (who asked to be called "Deric" for the article). I was the sports editor of Genre magazine at the time (Andy Towle was the editor), and Eric "Gumby" Anderson brought Derrick to me. We flew Derrick to Los Angeles where we had lengthy conversations about being gay. He was nervous and excited for the article to come out.

But after the article hit the newsstands in June of 2002, Derrick ran his fastest race ever right back in the closet. He said he didn't want any of the publicity...but then said he had lied about being gay to get some publicity. Whatever is truly in Derrick's heart, he is now married with two kids and coaching at Missouri.