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Boise State player in rape hazing allegations

Three college football players, including a freshman walk-on at Boise State, have been charged with sexual assault in conjunction with hazing allegations from their high school senior year on the boys basketball team. From Reuters:

Police say the five athletes forcibly penetrated fellow members of the high school basketball team and battered and restrained the victims in a locker room and on a school bus during a three-month period that began last December.

Apparently it wasn't just one time or one victim.

Blackfoot Police Captain Kurt Asmus said on Thursday that law enforcement officials had contacted additional victims since charges were filed earlier this month based on allegations made by four people.

"It has mushroomed from there," Asmus said. "Now that everything is out, more victims are coming forward because they realize they are not alone and they don't need to be afraid or embarrassed."

If these allegations are true, I'm so thankful the victims have come forward. Homophobia and latent homosexuality contribute to these rape incidents, and the victims' allegations give us the opportunity to again address the issue in a real, honest manner.