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Penn State volleyball coach is gay-positive

Penn State women's volleyball coach Russ Rose was recently profiled by And out of the blue he talked about his welcoming position on gay players.

I'm different than a lot of other people. I'm not judgmental in any way on anything. People might avoid kids that don't look like they play well with others or have eating issues or sexuality issues. I don't care about those things. The world is made up of a lot of different groups. If you want to go somewhere and do something, you can do it here.

He then went on encouraging people to come out of the closet:

I think you can only be your best when you're the most comfortable. If you have to live in a closet, life's really hard. You're alone. Life's tough enough when you have to interact with people. It's really tough if you have to do it alone.

It's nice to see at a school that allowed Rene Portland to coach in a conference that celebrates an anti-gay civil rights foe.