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Win new album by the Black Eyed Peas

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(Updated with third trivia question.)

The Black Eyed Peas will be the halftime performers at this season's Super Bowl in Dallas, Feb. 6, 2011. The group has just released its latest album, "The Beginning." “The Time (Dirty Bit),” the first single from the album, went straight to No. 1 on iTunes in 11 countries, including Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Mexico.

The group is having a contest for fans to be their special guest at the Super Bowl halftime show.

In addition, Outsports has 10 copies of "The Beginning" to give away to readers if you can answer trivia about Outsports (it's our 10th anniversary).

The rules are simple: We will have five Outsports trivia questions over the next week. The first two people who get each answer correctly win a CD. We will base winners on whoever e-mails the correct answers first. No one can win more than one copy of the album. Send your answers to: We will contact winners to get their mailing address.

Third question: Cyd and Jim write a lot about the NFL. What is Jim's favorite NFL team and what is Cyd's?

We already have two winners who answered "Jim -- Colts," "Cyd -- Patriots."

First question: On the original Outsports discussion board, there was an athlete who so many people thought was hot that messages about him clogged the board and he became known simply as "He Who Shall Not Be Named." Who was this athlete?

We already have two winners who answered "Gabe Kapler."

Second question: A publicist did not allow Cyd to interview two Olympians after the 2004 Summer Games. The publicist later recanted and the two Olympians did an extensive interview with Outsports. Who were those Olympians?

We already have two winners who answered "Morgan and Paul Hamm."

Related: Here are links if you want to buy the CD of "The Beginning":

iTunes; Amazon; Amazon mp3.