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Softball player suing coach for outing her

A lesbian teen softball player is suing her East Texas high school coach for allegedly outing her. From Gawker:

After outing S.W. to her mother, Newell and Fletcher [the softball coaches] kicked her off the softball team. This all happened in March; Wyatt tried repeatedly to file complaints to the school board about Newell and Fletcher's behavior, but got nowhere.

Kilgore's superintendent of schools Jody Clements told the Houston Press that outing minor students against there will is the appropriate way to deal with gay kids: "We feel confident we handled it the right way. But that's why there is a legal system. We'll proceed and let the courts decide what was right."

I'm curious what legal standing the plaintiff has in Texas for this. Is telling a mother that her daughter is gay really illegal? I actually hope there isn't a settlement, because I want to find out.