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Stanford ends UConn's win streak at 90

The last team the UConn women's basketball team lost to before winning 90 straight games was the Stanford Cardinal. On Thursday night Stanford ended that UConn streak beating the Lady Huskies in convincing fashion, 70-59. The win avenged Stanford's loss to UConn in the national championship game last April. A video recap of the game is after the jump.

Now that UConn's streak is over, it gives us the chance to reflect on their accomplishment. It was amazing. To win 90 straight games is something to remember. It is a fantastic accomplishment. But all of these comparisons to the win streak of the UCLA men's basketball team are absurd. Men's basketball and women's basketball are completely different sports. Heck, the UConn streak isn't even the longest win streak in women's college basketball history; That record stands at 131 straight games by Wayland Baptist University.

To me, the comparison between the UConn women and UCLA men does show one thing: How far behind men's basketball women's basketball really is. The UCLA record was set almost 40 years ago. That's about where women's basketball is: Four decades behind men's basketball. It's not the fault of any of the coaches or athletes today. Heck, the NCAA didn't even hold a women's basketball national championship until 1982; That was, not surprising, just over 40 years after their first men's basketball national championship.

So kudos to the women's basketball programs of UConn and Stanford; They have been the class of women's basketball for the last three years. But to compare either of them to John Wooden's UCLA teams is poppycock; Each is special in their own way.