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Reggie Bush: No to "no homo"

I was checking Twitter just now and found something re-tweeted into my timeline. It was a reply to a query from New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush that he posted sometime yesterday:

If someone says "no homo," is that offensive towards gay people?

Shortly afterwards, after getting feedback, I suppose, Bush tweeted the following:

I think if the "no homo" comment offends anybody then it's most likely better left unsaid along with other degrading words...thanks guys!

And only reason I asked was because it's become a pretty popular phrase. I just wondered what the general feeling was from people about it

Apparently, some of his 1,464,565 followers didn't take kindly to this, judging from his next replies:

I'm offending people by asking? Lol! C'Mon Son! Missed me with that one! People way too sensitive these days. SMH!

It's like if you say Merry Xmas they say nah Happy Hanukkah, if you say god bless you they like nah I'm Atheist! Lol! Just bitter as hell!

(In case you don't know, SMH stands for "shaking my head. I didn't know that until fairly recently. I may be on Twitter but I'm still getting old.)

Good for Reggie Bush for being smart enough to ask about it, thus saving himself the trouble of having to have a publicist issue an "apology" after putting his foot in his mouth.