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GLSEN sports project sets agenda

Last week I headed to New York City for the first meeting of the advisory board for GLSEN's new sports project, Changing the Game. The initiative, headed by Pat Griffin, will battle homophobia in sports at the K-12 level. The advisory board meeting included some great people from across the LGBT sports spectrum: Transgender former All-American Keelin Godsey; high school coach Dan Woog; former college athlete Jenelle DeVits; NCLR's Helen Carroll; we even had a straight guy in the incredible Hudson Taylor; And many other incredible people. The diversity of the group was its strength.

With so many different perspectives, we were able to tackle issues from a bunch of angles, developing strategies that would target coaches, student-athletes, parents and straight allies.

The results of the group will begin to be seen in 2011. The project's Web site will launch within the first couple months of the new year. Later in the year you'll see information material to help students and athletes navigate sometimes inhospitable waters. You'll see broad projects aimed at bringing attention to the issue and support to those who need it.

The energy coming out of the meeting was strong, and I'm extremely hopeful that this project will have a lasting impact. I'll bring you the latest as it develops.