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Slapshot snafu

A friend asked me what I think of the "Slapshotolus" sculpture in PRIDE House. Well, I think the naked (except for gear) hockey player will delight gay male visitors. But did the designers of PRIDE House ever think to themselves, "Hmm -- we ought to have something for women to look at" ? Or did the PRIDE House folks snafu and forget that lesbian athletes might be hanging out there too?

For female eye candy, will some of our women feel they must go find a page in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue -- the one where four very femme Winter Olympians pose with their sports equipment and teeny weeny bikinis?

Or is all this snow-time skin just a reaction to the unseasonably warm winter that Vancouver has been having?

No doubt there will be controversy about Slapshotolus (especially since Canadian tax money paid for it). We can expect complaints and maybe lawsuits from neo-hetero Olympics-goers who will be bleating that their children can see the well-hung statue from miles away.