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Museum gets Sidney Crosby's used pants

Crosby's Olympics pants

Crosby's Olympics pants.

The folks who run the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto are excited -- they are getting the pants Sidney Crosby used to help Canada win the gold medal. And they're not washing them.

"It's going to be beautiful," [Kelly] Masse [of the Hall] said of the display.

The sweat-soaked pants, of course, will not be washed.

"Nothing gets washed. We want them game-used."

Curator Phil Pritchard was the lucky guy who got to bring back Crosby's sweat-drenched pants, but I guess gold-medal sweat smells better than most. Mikey, the gay teen hockey player in Minnesota, wrote this on his blog about what hockey equipment smells like: "it all smells really really bad, way worse than any other sport, i dont know why but its bad. we have to keep our stuff in the garage cause my mom wont let it in the house."

It's not the only item from the overtime win the Hall will get.

Crosby's pants will arrive Thursday at the Hall of Fame, along with the Canadian flag Crosby and his teammates carried around the rink in victory. The Hall is also getting the stick Jarome Iginla used to pass the puck to Crosby for the tie-breaking goal just under eight minutes into overtime, as well as the net upon which Crosby scored.

Hat tip to Deadspin.