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Kobe Bryant's gayest. outfit. ever.

What in the name of all things decent was Kobe Bryant thinking? He was featured in an L.A. Times Magazine article a couple weekends ago in a story called, "Kobe Bryant: White Hot." In the photo spread, he's dressed in all white...and in the gayest outfits I've ever seen. If he showed up at the White Party wearing that, he'd be laughed off the dance floor. When a reporter asked James Valeri, the stylist on the shoot, about the wardrobe, he got this:

"I went for high fashion, not something too easy or too predictable," said Valeri, 31, who talked to me even though he had sprained his ankle at a rave the night before in his current hometown of New York City. "I thought it was cool and not too mainstream, but not too gay or Twinkie-boy."

Huh what? If that's not too gay, what raves has he been spending his time at? Does he think Adam Lambert and Barnie Frank are the pinnacle of masculinity? Honey, Lady Gaga isn't exactly blasting through the locker rooms of the Staples Center.

Kobe has tried to pass it off as though Photoshop made the photos more gay. Sorry Kobe; Photoshop can be a powerful tool, but it didn't put you in those outfits. Own it. Live it. Love it.