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Flyers, Blackhawks in Stanley Cup finals

Here's a Stanley Cup final that no one saw at the start of the playoffs -- the Philadelphia Flyers vs. the Chicago Blackhawks. But it's a reality after the Flyers beat the Montreal Canadiens in five games, a day after the Blackhawks swept the San Jose Sharks.

This is an intriguing final from a historical perspective. Chicago has not won the Cup since 1961 (when there were only six teams), while Philadelphia's last title was 1975. It's not that common when we see a final in pro sports featuring two teams trying to end a long drought. The TV ratings should be strong.I have no real rooting interest, though it's hard to cheer against a team Outsports' fave Joe Guckin likes (the Eagles being an exception). So given my prediction track record and to help Joe out in the jinx department, I say the Blackhawks sweep the Flyers in four, all 7-0 shutouts. What do real hockey mavens think? Who do you want and who do you pick?