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Evan Lysacek looking for a "cool girl"

Evan Lysacek made it all the way to the Dancing with the Stars final two last night, only to get whipped by a Pussycat Doll. Now that DWTS is over, Evan says he's looking for someone with whom to spend some quality time:

I'm lonely. I need a girlfriend. I’m looking for funny, someone who can deal with a busy schedule—which has been a problem in the past. And I don't know, just a cool girl. I need someone to hang out with me.

Not sure if he meant girlfriend or guuuurrrlFRIEND!

If you watch the video, he answers the question around 2:25; And it seems to be the only question where he pauses and stumbles and backs away from the microphone. I want to hear Tonya Reiman's take on that!

By the way, as with most days DWTS is on, the top four search engine terms so far this week that have driven people to Outsports: 1) evan lysacek gay, 2) is evan lysacek gay, 3) is evan lysacek gay?, 4)evan lysacek gay?