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Design end zone penises for video game

The video game "Backbreaker," a football simulation, is coming out with a customizable engine the creators say is so realistic that you can design Da Vinci's "Last Supper" in the end zone. But one producer told the video game blog Kotaku that he expects something one another level.

"Let's face it, the first two days of the game being out, all we're going to see is a bunch of cocks, like, spread across the end zone," Rob Donald, the game's associate producer, told Kotaku. "Look at Spore when that came out. That was quite a sophisticated game, and this is a football game. So, people, yeah, they're gonna create dicks. Massive, giant phalluses that you're running into and scoring on."

With terms like "tight end," "penetration," "going deep" and "sticking it in the end zone," football has always had a homoerotic air. Giant end zone penises would fit right in, and I imagine Da Vinci would approve.