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Baseball players polled on gay teammates

ESPN polled Major League Baseball players on what they think the reaction in the clubhouse would be to having a gay teammate and the reaction was mixed. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being no big deal and 10 it being a huge deal, the average was 5.1. A 5 on the scale grabbed the biggest percentage of responses (19%), with declining to state second at 18%. From the poll:

The average was a right-down-the-middle 5.1, but the individual responses were not. Some were cool with it. "there'd be a few outliers who would have a strong reaction, maybe a few homophobes," one AL pitcher says. "But overall, not a big deal -- I'd say a 2 or a 3." An AL outfielder agrees. "I wonder how much it would really change anything. There's already a lot of funny stuff that goes on with some of my teammates in the clubhouse that makes you wonder.

Others, though, weren't nearly so accepting. "Nobody would want to take a shower," says a guy who has played in both leagues.

Full results

Scale number, followed by percentage of respondents

1: 7%
2: 6%
2.5: 2%
3: 8%
3.5: 1%
4: 6%
4.5: 1%
5: 19%
5.5: 2%
6: 2%
6.5: 2%
7: 7%
7.5: 1%
8: 7%
8.5: 2%
9: 1%
10: 8%

The article does not indicate how many players were polled. Like any poll, this can be read in a number of ways, but maybe the fact that 18% refused to answer is telling. Is the subject that taboo for some players that they won't state an opinion? I would like to read what others make of these numbers.

Update: Pete at the Wide Rights blog has a good analysis and says 100 players were polled.

Hat tip to reader PCC for the item.