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Freddie Ljungberg addresses gay rumors

Tucked into this Q&A in the New York Times Magazine piece on the home life of soccer's Freddie Ljungberg, now with the Seattle Sounders, was a question about gossip and this was his response:

There’s been a gay rumor for a long time. I don’t mind at all. I am proud of that. I love fashion, and I think so many gay people have amazing style. So that is a compliment to me. I really don’t know why people are so interested. I just made a decision that I won’t talk about it.

The Swede is perhaps best known for appearing as an underwear model for Calvin Klein. Ljungberg is single and lives alone in an 8,500-square-foot house on a lake near Seattle, and there was no mention of a girlfriend anywhere in the story (but a couple of references to his dog).

I was a bit confused on his answer to the gay question. What does "I won't talk about it" mean? He won't discuss what his sexual orientation is? Or the rumors? And does "I'm proud of that" refer to being proud to be thought gay?

He has been more expansive in other interviews. For example, in reaction to being named the hottest football stud by a gay magazine, he did say: "I am not gay. If I was I would just say I was and it wouldn't bother me." Maybe he just got sick of answering the question and doesn't care what people think.