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Cubs and Blackhawks join Chicago Gay Pride

Although many in Chicago are curious whether the Chicago Blackhawks - and the Stanley Cup - will accept the invitation to participate in the Chicago Gay Pride Parade on June 27, one Chicago pro team has already said Yes to the event. And now the Blackhawks are set to join them as well.

The Cubs are announcing that the National League team will have its first float ever in the Pride Parade.

The Cubs are a natural to participate in the Pride Parade. Wrigley Field is less than a mile from the popular Boystown section of Chicago and Laura Ricketts, who is openly gay, is among the four primary new owners of the team.

Chicago Gay Hockey Association president Andrew Sobotka said Monday that the team is expecting at least one or two members of the Blackhawks, along with others from the team, to join them in the parade. He said the CGHA still has no confirmation on The Cup, but is still holding out hope.

The CGHA-Blackhawks story has received extensive media coverage, including Yahoo, NBC-TV (chicago) and the Chicago Sun-Times, among others.

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