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Algerian Player Slaps Female Reporter After Loss

I'm Rick James, bitch.The USA's victory left a bitter taste of defeat in many Algerians yesterday. However, Algerian player Rafik Saifi took his frustrations out on a reporter for an Algerian newspaper, Asma Halimi. Spotting her during the postgame interview sessions, Saifi walked up to her and slapped her face. Halimi then returned the favor and smacked Saifi in the mouth. She was escorted away by security, Saifi continued his tantrum by throwing a plastic bottle at a wall.

Asked later, Saifi and Algerian soccer officials had no comment on the situation.

Formal complaints are being lodged with FIFA who no doubt will deal with Saifi with extreme prejudice. The 35 year old Saifi was probably playing in his last World Cup anyway, but in all likelihood, he's probably played his last game in a FIFA-sanctioned league. Plus it would not be very surprising if Saifi and the Algerian national soccer association are much lighter in the wallet.