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Outgames respond to Team San Francisco

The 2013 Outgames in Antwerp, Belgium, have responded to Team San Francisco, welcoming everyone with open arms, including their attackers, to their event. Geert Tengrootenhuysen, LGBT communication for the city of Antwerp, sent me this email today:

I wish to emphasize that Antwerp chose to organize the World Outgames because we strongly believe in its potential social, cultural and economic benefits. I regret that whatever happened in the past has left the gay sports community divided. However, as the host of the World Outgames 2013, Antwerp will be welcoming everyone without exceptions. That includes Team San Francisco, whom I hope will reconsider their position and join us for what will be an amazing event, whatever name it may carry.

Tengrootenhuysen also said that he was surprised there is such lingering animosity, "especially because it has been announced that these organizations will be merging again in 2018."

Earlier this week, Team San Francisco issued a press release condemning the Outgames in Antwerp.