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Pac-10 building a superconference?

Despite the incredible number of NCAA Championships won by the Pac-10 in the last two decades (averaging nine per year), many on the East Coast still view it as a weak conference. But if they pull of their plan, they will have reshaped the entire NCAA landscape. The conference has approved a plan to expand, and they are reportedly going after six Big XII schools: Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and either Baylor or Colorado. And if they pull off their coup, there are even talks of creating a new TV network controlled and operated by the Pac-10.

If this all happens, it could reshuffle the entire NCAA conference deck. How would other conferences respond? There are rumblings that Nebraska and Missouri would head to the Big Ten, along with some Big East teams. The SEC could be looking at ACC teams like Miami and Florida State. Much like the banking industry post-collapse, the number of conferences could quickly shrink as the size of them grows.