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Will these NBA Finals go down as 'classic'?

I was going to start this post with the "there's still lots of basketball to be played," but that's not remotely true. With only a few games left to this NBA season, we are potentially on the verge of a classic NBA Finals.

Last night was the epitome of this Finals matchup. The quintessential team in the Boston Celtics can win in a variety of ways. It was Rajon Rondo (who is becoming one of the best players in the NBA) putting up the first triple-double in the NBA Finals in years and Ray Allen setting a Finals record for 3s, despite Kevin Garnett playing tentatively and without any rhythm (in part, I suppose, due to foul trouble). And the Los Angeles Lakers are a Kobe-driven team that lives and dies with the success of their superstar, who will one day be considered among Jordan, Bird, Magic and Wilt. Last night he had foul trouble too, only got 21 points, and they lost.

With the series shifting back to Boston for three games, the stage is being set for a classic. There's about a 1% chance the Celtics finish the series in Boston. Whether they go back to Los Angeles up or down, 3-2, could very well determine the outcome of the series. I'm hoping the Celtics take 2 of 3 in Boston, the Lakers win Game 6, and then we get something we've seen only once in the last 15 years: An NBA Finals Game 7.

Now if only the referees can get out of the way and let these guys play, it would get even better.