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Who's offended by Chrissy Pronger?

In some fun city v. city jabbing, the Chicago Tribune printed a poster yesterday featuring Philadelphia Flyer Chris Pronger in a figure skating skirt and labeled "Chrissy Pronger." Ha ha. So funny. When was this poster created, 1982? It's dumb for sure, something I'd expect to hear in my fraternity house. But count me among the people who aren't offended. Thankfully, the gays haven't gotten too bent out of shape about it, but some women have...

"I'd like to see that editor out on skates. I'll take them one-on-one on the ice any day," three-time Olympic medalist Angela Ruggiero told The Associated Press. "They obviously have never seen women's hockey and are living in the dark ages."

Is the poster sexist? Are they saying "figure skaters don't make good NHL players" or "women are bad athletes"?