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Gay Games registration reopened to June 21

We received this email from the people in Cologne announcing that they are opening registration for the Gay Games. So if you are headed to Cologne and didn't meet the May 31 deadline, you have until June 21 to join the fun!

Many Gay Games VIII sports and cultural events needed exact numbers for event planning. That is why official registration was closed on May 31. However there is still one more chance to participate in Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010.

You can now be placed on a waiting list to participate. Our sports and culture experts will check if a registration is still possible in your event. If so, we will provide late registration for you.

Please send an e-mail now to with the following information:

- Last Name
- First name
- Date of birth
- Sport or cultural event
- If necessary performance class or division for the event

You will be informed as soon as possible if participation at the sports or culture event of your choice is still possible and how you should proceed. If a registration is possible in your case we will charge you an additional service fee of 10 Euros for the late registration.

So open your e-mail program and register now! It is not too late. Please share this message with teammates or anyone else that still wishes to register.