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Gay soccer storyline on Argentine soap opera

Argentina this week became the first country in South America to legalize gay marriage. In a post about the NBA's Manu Ginobli supporting the law, I mentioned an Argentine soap opera that this spring introduced a storyline about two gay soccer players. Andrés Duque of the blog Blabbeando gave me some background about the episode and how an interview with one of the actors was aired before the crucial Senate vote on the gay marriage bill this week:

The press conference clip, in which [the character] "Flaco" talks about his support for the marriage equality law in Argentina supposedly came a few days after he "came out" publicly in terms of the soap's storyline. That press conference clip actually aired for the first time this week only hours before the senate vote.

I guess the producers and writers wanted to send a message out to viewers as I believe the soap is one of the shows which pulls highest ratings on Argentine TV.

For those who missed the video on the Ginobli post, here is a scene from the soap opera where the characters first kiss:

You can watch followup scenes here and here. Alas, a steamy sex scene between the two characters was yanked from YouTube. Update: Duque found the scene and it is romantic and hot: