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Weekend Hot Jock: Louis Oosthuizen

As of right now, South African Louis Oosthuizen (say that 10 times fast) is leading the British Open. The 27-year-old virtual unknown had previously made the cut in only one of the seven Major championships he'd participated in (the 2008 PGA Championship). Yet there he sat after two rounds, with a record-tying score of 132 for the first 36 holes of the British Open.

Oosthuizen is 5-foot-10, 160 lbs., and hails from Mossel Bay, about four hours east of Cape Town. He lists his interests as hunting and movies. He's got big ears and a gap between his teeth, but I find him adorable in a dorky kind of way. Sorry I can't find any shirtless pics of him; We'll ask his management to send some over. More pics after the jump.