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Cleveland Synergy asks to meet with Gay Games

Cleveland Synergy Foundation today released a statement following Outsports' publication of a letter from the City of Cleveland to Synergy claiming the Federation of Gay Games was terminating its licensing agreement:

As the organization licensed to produce the 2014 Gay Games, the Cleveland Synergy Foundation remains committed to bringing this important, civic, cultural, and economic event to the Cleveland+Akron region.

The Cleveland Synergy Foundation has met all of its commitments to the Federation of Gay Games. We look forward to quickly resolving any questions the Federation may have, and moving forward in the same spirit of teamwork and collaboration that won the Games for Cleveland + Akron.

The licensing agreement between Synergy and the Federation of Gay Games clearly articulates a process to resolve any questions or conflicts. As outlined in the mutually endorsed agreement, this process should begin with a meeting of the two groups’ steering committees. If that meeting leaves questions unanswered, the groups’ boards of directors are then required to meet. Only if those first two meetings result in an impasse would mediation be an appropriate third step, according to the agreement. We have requested that the Federation join us in following this process of resolution in order to maintain the integrity of our organization, the FGG, and the future of the Gay Games movement.

It is imperative that Gay Games remain an event created by the LGBT community, for the LGBT community, with the partnership and support of the host city. We are confident that once our steering committees and boards of directors meet, it will be clear to all involved that Synergy remains on schedule to deliver the world-class event the community envisioned and the Federation endorsed.