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Is Tiger Woods' dominance over?

Louis Oosthuizen. Graeme McDowell. Lucas Glover. What do these men all have in common? They've won a Major Championship more recently than Tiger Woods. They're also all 30 or younger. As Tiger's putter is failing him, his drives are often finding the trees, and his mind seems to be elsewhere, age is catching him. At 34 he's now a couple years past the average age of Majors winners. Sure, Phil Mickelson seems to have found his prime with age, winning all four of his Majors at 34 or older. But with so many young golfers coming up the ranks, I wonder if Tiger's roar is quieting for good.

On the flip side, all of these first-time winners represents the fact that there are no other great golfers out there. In the last 12 years, only two men other than Woods have been able to win more than two majors: Mickelson (4) and Padraig Harrington (3). Still, Woods has won only two of the last 15.

Too early to stick a fork in him? Maybe. But the fact of the matter is, he's not swinging the club well. He's not putting well. He may win the PGA Championship, still may break Jack Nicklaus' Majors record (18). But the idea that he is this unstoppable force has at least been put on hold for a couple years. Whether it's been put to bed remains to be seen.