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The Michael Irvin Show moves to Miami

One of the gay-friendliest shows on sports radio is back, as The Michael Irvin Show starts Monday, July 26, on Miami's 560 WQAM. The show will run noon-3pmET. The show will stream online at Irvin spent his college career wearing No. 47 for the University of Miami.

We're working out the details, but it looks like I'll again have a weekly segment talking about the latest in sports news (gay and otherwise) on Wednesdays at 2pmET...starting with updates on the Gay Games from Germany. I've been doing shows with Irvin's partner, Kevin Kiley, for years in the Midwest, Los Angeles, Dallas and now Miami. The first time I'm on the show always draws out "why are you having a fag on your show" calls. Even in L.A. Looking forward to seeing the first reaction of South Florida residents.

And on a personal note, I'm really happy for Michael and Kevin. They got a bum rap from the ESPN Radio people in Dallas, who canned the show after Michael was unjustly accused of rape days before the Super Bowl in Miami. Here's hoping it's a huge success for them.