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Final Gay Games registration numbers

Gay Games VIII in Cologne managed to register 9,475 participants from 65 countries, according to numbers they released this week. While it's down from the 12,000 they set as a goal several years ago, it's still a solid number in this economy and is on par with 2006 registration numbers in Chicago and Montreal. Some interesting statistics behind the numbers:

  • 68% of the participants are male.
  • Germany is the most-represented, counting for 31%. The U.S. was second with 23%.
  • Some countries with more than one participant that might surprise you: El Salvador, Ghana, Liberia, Peru, Suriname, United Arab Emirates.
  • Over 11% of the participants are registered for soccer. 12% will participate in one of the aquatics sports at the pool. Volleyball and tennis were next.
  • Most-represented city: London, then Berlin.