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London Olympics to sell gay pride pin

The London 2012 Olympics committee is selling rainbow pins to supports gay rights, in what might be a first for an Olympics. The pins have the stamp of approval from openly gay pro rugby player Gareth Thomas:

"It's great to see Locog (the London 2012 organizing committee) reaching out to all communities and making sure that London 2012 is a Games for everyone, in which every community feels included. I hope that everyone will buy and wear their pin badge with pride and help us achieve greater inclusion in sport."

The gay pride pin is one of many themed pins for the 2012 Games. London 2012 CEO Paul Deighton said, "our diversity and inclusion pin badge range, starting with the LGBT pin badge, is one way of showing our support for a sporting environment built upon equality and inclusion."

The gay pride pins can be bought online for 5 British pounds (about $7.50). Now all we need in the run-up to the Games are some athletes to come out, following the lead of Matthew Mitcham. That would do more for diversity and inclusion than any pin.