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Weir doesn't care how animals are tortured

Out magazine has the latest interview with Johnny Weir. He still doesn't like Evan Lysacek (can't blame him). He still thinks wearing fur is OK (and doesn't care how animals are tortured). And he is still not talking about his sexuality (but will in an upcoming book). One interesting tidbit did jump out at me; When asked what he's most proud of, he said this:

Through everything -- human ugliness and being judged, bad fashion sense and good fashion sense -- I’ve managed to stay very true to myself. I’ve never buckled to pressure. I’ve never given into anyone, and I’ve done everything my way. I think that’s something to be very proud of because that’s something difficult to do nowadays.

It's cute for him to say, but it's not true. He did succumb to pressure to not wear fur in the Olympics (above). It's interesting that he has this self-image of never buckling, even though he did it very publicly earlier this year.

He also said this:

You can’t go walk the streets of Moscow when it’s minus 30 and wear some type of plastic. You need a natural warm thing. I am not going to change something I love because someone tells me it’s wrong.

For the record, the lowest recorded temperature in Moscow is minus 25, and the average low temperature in the heart of winter is 4 degrees: Still cold, but it has never been minus 30 there. And actually you can go in minus 30 wearing something not made of the fur of a tortured animal. It's his choice not to use an alternative, but there are alternatives.

He also revealed that he's releasing a single. I hope it's a step above the Countess's debacle.

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