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Media covers Brian Burke's pride attendance

Lots of mainstream sports writers covered Brian Burke's appearance at Gay Pride last weekend. If nothing else, that will be a huge part of his contributions to our fight. From the Biz of Hockey blog:

Burke said he didn’t think there was anything heroic about being there for then and honoring his son now. Indeed. But Burke’s openness in allowing the media to cover his story, to allow his to affect lives of gay athletes and the parents of gay athletes is heroic.

From SBNation's Copper & Blue blog:

There are still over 15,000 near-adults playing higher-level amateur hockey in North America. Of those, some 3,500 are playing Major Junior or NCAA Hockey. As sure as Brian Burke is that there are gay men in professional hockey, I'm sure that there are many times that number in the amateur ranks.

From NBC's Pro Hockey Talk blog:

I might not always see eye-to-eye with Brian Burke when it comes to team-building, but it's clear that he's a man of principles. He made a promise to his son Brendan that he'd march in the Toronto Pride Parade this year, although Burke assumed that his son would still be alive to join him. Unfortunately, Brendan died in a car crash on February, but that didn't keep his father from attending the parade.