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LeBron James chooses the Miami Heat

Good for LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. We watch owners, leagues, coaches and general managers maintain so much control over the careers of athletes, it's nice to see a bunch of guys get together, make decisions for themselves, and grab some control from the powers that be. These three guys have set a precedent for free agency the league has tried to avoid for years. This will happen again.

I haven't been a James or Miami Heat fan in the past. I just couldn't care less about them. This makes me like him more. I'll be cheering for him and his teammates to do well in the coming seasons. Good for them.

I will say that ESPN dragged it out way too long. I'd heard they were going to announce it in the first 10 minutes of the hourlong show. Instead, he announced it in minute 27 after an excruciating, needless interview. The advertisers on ESPN got their money's worth today.

For all of the Cleveland Cavaliers fans who are surely upset right now, do try to see it from his perspective. I was talking with a LeBron hater today who said, "When he wins a title, then he can act like this. Until then, shut up." That's the reality: Until he wins a title, many people simply won't regard him as highly as they should. He has his legacy to think about. And I personally respect him for that.

Now, after all this, if he doesn't win a title before retiring, he will understandably go down as a step below the guys like Jordan, Bird, Magic and Bryant he so desperately wants to be considered an equal to. The pressure is on double: He has no one else to blame now.