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Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist against homophobia

There is a terrific feature from Chicago Tribune writer Brian Hamilton today about new Notre Dame quarterback Dayne Crist. The guy gets involved in a lot of causes and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. Ending homophobia appears to be one of those causes.

On a July afternoon, Crist, a two-year starter at Sherman Oaks Notre Dame High, arrived early for an appointment at the Guglielmino Athletics Complex, wearing red workout shorts and a black T-shirt. On the shirt's front, in large white lettering, was a slogan: "StaND Against Hate."

It was a week on campus dedicated to ending hate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Crist had a tough time remembering it. But then he has served McFlurrys to terminally ill children, worked with the homeless in San Jose, read to children in South Bend-area libraries and recruited 50-plus teammates to shave their heads in the name of childhood cancer research.

It all tends to blur together. Next thing you know, he will go to Africa to build libraries. No, really. He might do that.

Linebacker Manti Te'o labeled Crist "a perfect Notre Dame role model," noting he often bails out less eloquent teammates in meetings with recruits' parents, offering "those answers that you're just like, 'You're the golden boy.' "

The quarterback at Notre Dame is a BMOC and him wearing such a shirt sends a terrific message not only to his teammates but to fellow students. The only problem is that it makes it hard to root against the Irish this year.

Hat tip to reader Greg for sending the item.