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Rafael Nadal wins. How 'great' is he?

Rafael Nadal has done what four years ago no one thought he had the ability to accomplish: He has won a career Grand Slam, winning the rain-delayed U.S. Open Monday night. Previously relegated a "clay court player," Nadal is now taking aim at the big daddy of them all: Roger Federer's record 16 Grand Slam titles. Some say Nadal's performance discredits Federer as the greatest tennis player ever, particularly because Nadal has beaten Federer more times than he has lost to him. Nadal is 5-2 against Federer in Grand Slams, but three of those wins came on clay: Nadal's best surface and Federer's worst.

I don't think you can call Nadal the greatest ever yet. Federer has the record, and unless Nadal eclipses him, it's tough to not give Federer the crown: Federer's string of 23 straight Grand Slam semifinals from 2004 to 2010 is a record to behold.