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Parke & Ronen butch it up, dude

There was a cool "fashion" event on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles and West Hollywood last week for which many of the boutique clothing stores opened their doors after hours. We headed to the event at Parke & Ronen, who specialize in casual wear like shorts and (very small) swimsuits. The theme at the store was somehow football. Yep, guys in speedos and skimpy tight bathing suits with footballs, helmets and some kind of makeup to look like they'd been muddied. They caught my eye and made me chuckle; The last thing you'd think of when you walk into Parke & Ronen is football.

For the record, I bought a swimsuit from them last year and loooove their stuff. Another photo of these butch football dudes after the jump.


Photos by Matt Jackson.