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Does watching 'Glee' make you gay?

I have been very frustrated with the way the Atlanta Braves have been playing the past couple of weeks. I never thought the Braves were going to run away with the National League East nor did I expect the Phillies were going to fade away. In fact I expect the race for this division to come down to the last few days of the regular season. After a disastrous road trip and a mediocre home coming thus far for the Braves, the pessimist in me is starting to rear its ugly head.

I watched to the bitter end Tuesday night as the pesky Washington Nationals handed the Braves another loss, while Philadelphia beat the Florida Marlins again to take a two game lead in the NL East. Anytime my team looses, I am upset and in a dark mood. I do not want to be consoled but I need distraction from this roller coaster of emotions I am on with other Braves fans so I turn to mindless late night television. The characters and shows I have been taking refuge in all summer like the vampires of "True Blood," the boys of "Entourage," and the uh … well lets say storyline of "Hung," unfortunately, just had their season finales. So what now?

"Glee !" I found "Glee!" I had never really watched the show before but had heard the hype and I had caught bits and pieces of it. I never imagined a show about a high school glee club would hold my interest let alone cure me of the baseball blahs but just as the third out was called in the bottom of the ninth inning, I started watching the first episode of "Glee." The darkness lifted, joy filled my heart, a tear came to my eye and before the pilot episode was over, all of the bitter frustration I had felt towards the Braves was completely washed away.

As the American and National League races are coming down to the wire, I will be watching every pitch, every strikeout, every stolen base, and every home run. I now know I don't have to worry if things aren't going my team's way because it is only a game and I will not have to go far for solace...I still have a whole bunch of back episodes to catch up on before the new season of "Glee" begins!

Low and inside,
Kevin Hart