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Gay St. Louis fans upset over 'kiss cam'

Some gay fans are upset over the use of a 'kiss cam' at the Rams' game against the Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday. Now they are hoping to use this Saturday's "Out at the Ballpark" with the St. Louis Cardinals as a chance for the city's pro sports teams to redeem themselves. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

The idea for a kiss cam moment came about after Sunday's Ram's game against the Arizona Cardinals. During the game, the kiss cam focused on two men in Arizona jerseys who jeered at the camera and made expressions of distaste toward one another.

Some gays and lesbians who were at the game said it appeared that by having the kiss cam linger on the men - who seemed to them to be straight -- there was an insinuation that the men were gay. The kiss cam catch was followed by hoots and derisive cheers from the audience.

It's incredibly rare that true same-sex couples are featured on sports kiss cams. It is often used as a weapon to taunt opposing fans or make fun of straight guys in the stands.

"We always felt left out because the kiss cam always singles out heterosexual couples," Harrison Roberts said today. Roberts is the manager of Just John's on Manchester Avenue in The Grove, where the official after-party will be held on Saturday following the game.

Roberts has contacted the Cardinals in hopes of a very public gay kiss at Saturday's game.