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Basketball coach fights 'homosexual lifestyle'

A basketball coach in Kentucky is dedicating his coaching efforts to fighting the "lesbian lifestyle." Coach Jaye Collins (left in photo, with Isaiah Thomas) has put together the Lady Legends basketball team to feature some of the top girls high school basketball play who are committed to God and rejecting the gay "lifestyle." From the team's Web site:

I started the Lady Legends program with the support of my wife, Kari, in hopes of encouraging young girls to be proud and secure in not being part of the lesbian and homosexual lifestyle which is so prevalent in woman's/girl's athletics. Many girls, as early as middle school, are being influenced or "tested", or converted and convinced that if they play sports, specifically basketball, they must be, should be, or need to be gay.

I believe that we should encourage girls to glorify God and please Jesus Christ in their decision making processes. I know this is not the socially accepted or politically correct perspective, but our goal is H.O.O.P.S.....Helping Others Obtain Personal Salvation.

Thank you and may God bless you and your family as you make him 1st in your life's endeavors. Matthew 6:33

I contacted Coach Collins for comment, but he would not give me his phone number to call him, and he did not answer questions I sent via email.

It's fine that Collins doesn't care about having a "politically correct perspective," but it is nonetheless disgusting that he would use his position to marginalize gay people. And the insanity of his statements is disturbing. What athlete, male or female, is being told they need to be gay if they want to play sports? I wonder what Collins thinks of the bigotry that black men like himself have faced in places like Kentucky, where he lives. Hopefully his hateful, bigoted message will fall on deaf ears of everyone who encounters him and his team.

Hat tip to Dee Mosbacher.