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Blake Skjellerup: Coming out all positive

New Zealand Olympic short-track speedskater Blake Skjellerup came out this May. It was a decision that has left him with no regrets.

"[I] just [wanted] to share my story with other people," Skjellerup told the Otago Daily Times. And since I've come out I've had a lot of encouraging support from other gay athletes and other members of the community.

"It has been all positive. I haven't had any negative response from anybody."

Skjellerup, a Kiwi who lives in Calgary with his boyfriend, set records at this weekend's national speedskating championships in New Zealand. He is aiming to compete at the 2014 Games in Russia.

The skater also got involved in activism this summer, featured in a campaign against California's Prop. 8. It's great to see that he is choosing to make a difference.