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Shaun Smith likes grabbing guys' genitals

Shaun "The Groper" Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs is becoming a specialist in grabbing opponents' genitals on the field. The latest victim was San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis.

"He tried to feel me," Davis told Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area. "That's weird, right?"

Last week, Alex Mack accused Smith of the same thing:

"I don't think he should be able to do that," Mack told The Associated Press the day after the game. "I'm still fired up about it."

According to the report, Mack was so angered by Smith's actions that he started to chase him toward the Chiefs' sideline before turning around because Cleveland's punt team was coming onto the field.

Smith does this because it's effective -- both Davis and Mack were each flagged 15 yards for roughness penalties after they retaliated. Smith was not penalized in either case, and said he didn't recall doing anything to Mack.

Smith has been on my shit list since he apparently punched Brady Quinn in the face in the locker room while both were on the Cleveland Browns.